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World Silent Day


Bali Non Government Organization (NGO) Collaboration for Climate Change appeals to community all over the world to switch off electronic appliances for four hours on Friday March 21, 2008. This is as an to individually contribute to tackling global warming with the impacts of climate change. This movement is called as the Silent Day.

“We appeal to people to switch off from 10.00 am to 14.00 pm, ie four hours on that day” said Hira Jhamtani, a representative of the NGO Collaboration to reporters in Denpansar, on Monday, March 17, 2008.

Hiras hoped people would want to contribute by switching off any electronic appliances such as computer, television, air conditioning, hand phone, or some lamps. “If everyone contributes, we can save electricity during the productive hours” she said.

The date 21 March was selected to also commemorate the Water Day and to mark the spring equinox, the movement of the sun from the equator to the north, marking the beginning of sprin in the northern hemisphere.

Panji Tisna, also a representative of the NGO Coalition, said the World Silent Day is a follow up of the campaign during the UN Climate Change conference in Bali last year. The collaboration actively campaign for the Balinese Nyepi (Silent Day) as one of the many efforts to reduce green house gases that cause climate change. “ This is also a movement that questions consumerism. Everyone wants a healthy earth, and being silent for four hours is one way” he said.

The rough calculation of of the Collaboration showed one day of Silence in Bali could reduce CO2 by about 30.000 tons, based on the non operation of motor vehicles and the closure of the airport.

Agung Wardana, the Director of Friends of the Earth (Walhi) hoped that the regional government would support the World Silent Day campaign. “The campaign would be facilitated if government joins in, as they have the power to appeal to more people”, he said.

In response, the Head of Legal Affairs of Agency for Environmental Impact Control in Bali, Gede Suarjana said his agency appreciated the effort of the Silent Day Campaign. Bali is experiencing the impact of global issues such as climate change as well as local issues of environmental management. “So we support this effort to reduce green house gas” he asserted.

Similar support was provided by the Bali Hotel Association through its executive Director, Djinaldi Gozana. “We support this in principle. But it should have been campaigned earlier, one year ago for us to prepare” he said. According to him, hotel operators cannot switch off appliances if they are hosting conferences etc.

The collaboration then proceeded to distribute campaign fliers to communities in the Caturmuka area, the junction between Sanur, Kuta and the airport in Bali.

For more information contact
Hira Jhamtani 08123866063
Agung Wardana 0819166606036


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